A war of Politics...?

I am a U.S. Soldier in the Army National Guard. I am DISGUSTED by some of the shit I've seen since coming back from Iraq, almost a year ago. I've been told I did nothing over there. I've been called a monster. I've even, on occassion, been called a murderer. Why?


I don't know. We aren't going over there to kill people. We went over there to stop a dictator from trying to get weapons of mass destruction. I was there. I KNOW he wanted them. I've SEEN what he wanted to do. I saw, with my own eyes, a picture of Saddam Hussein giving the thumbs up and smiling over a drawing of a plane flying into one of the twin towers. On a goddamn billboard. Whether or not the man HAD the weapons, or ACTIVELY supported terrorism is, to me, irrelevant. He approved of it. He liked it. He wanted the weaponry. Would he have used it? Maybe not. I don't know.


I have seen NOTHING about this on the news. I don't get it. I really, truly don't. And it cuts me to the quick, that people still say Saddam should have been left in office, that BUSH is the real criminal, that he's only doing this in some bizzare continuation of his father's line of work.

And another thing. Stop the goddamn bullshit about a 'war for oil'. Guess what? Until you stop fucking using the stuff, don't you DARE say you don't need it, and don't you DARE pretend to take the moral high ground. And stop saying Bush and Cheney are doing it 'for the money'. So damned what? If I could do something that HELPS PEOPLE ((I.E Your average iraqi citizen, whom I've spoken too)) and make money on it ((Which I don't even know if they're doing...)) I'd do it myself.

And if you wouldn't? If you still think someone is wrong for profiting off of this war?

I... don't... care. If you're an American citizen, the only thing standing between you and everyone who wants to hurt you is a soldier. Don't fucking call us murderers, don't call us monsters. We're doing this for YOU. I didn't WANT to go to some other country. But I truly, honestly beleived, and still beleive, that there are people over there who want to kill us. And so long as we're over there, they're busy with us, and not driving airplanes into buildings over HERE.

I am just so sick of it. Sick of people saying they KNOW how things are in that other country, saying they KNOW why our leaders do what they do, and I am SICK OF PEOPLE SAYING THAT U.S. SOLDIERS ARE ABUSING DETAINEES. That was ONE GOD DAMNED TIME, by a bunch of fucking morons. That's not Bush's fault, it's not even their commander's fault. It's their own. You do the crime, you do the time. Is it your mother's fault if you as a twenty-year-old-adult decide to go knock over the local seven eleven? Even if you're still living under her roof, under her 'control'? No, it is not. Now, explain to me how the hell people who will never speak to, never meet, and never even HEAR OF you can be blamed for your actions. Because I will tell you, right now... there is NOTHING in the military regulations about building a pyramid of naked detainees. Unless you count the whole concept of 'detainee rights' which is completely AGAINST IT.

And another thing. Stop bringing up the 'Geneva Convention'. It, quite simply, DOES NOT APPLY TO TERRORISTS. It applies to soldiers and civilians. People who CONTRIBUTE to a society. And it's a two way deal. The U.S. LIVES BY IT. The people who are kidnapping soldiers and civilians over there and cutting their heads off DO NOT. You cannot apply rules to a situation where one side DOES NOT COOPERATE. That doesn't mean 'torture them'. Morality still applies. It means, don't allow them to hide behind rules. They use hospitals as bases, and religious centers as well. The minute they start doing that, they violate the sanctity of those places. It is no longer off-limits. A hospital is not a sheild. It's not a safe place to commit crimes and murder people. Terrorists are not 'freedom fighters'. They're not good people. They're murderers. Not soldiers. There is a collosal difference.

And another damned thing. Peace activists. More power to you, don't sign up for the armed service, don't approve of fighting, I don't care... be a sheep. If you honestly think that a murderer can be swayed by NOT FIGHTING HIM, then keep on beleiving it. I'm sure all of the people who've died in concentration camps, on forced death marches, and to every Dahmer, Manson, and BTK in existance were all just irregularities, that REAL murderers are nice, fluffy, loving people. They're just confused and don't know right from wrong. Right. Or better yet, maybe all those people DESERVED it.

And damn you, DO NOT protest the war IN the war zone. You think you're helping your country? Think again. We will go out of OUR way to save you, to keep you safe, and to protect you, even at the cost of our lives. Even if you don't WANT us too. Because that's what soldiers do. The 'insurgents' see you as cannon fodder. As bait. You exist, to them, for the sole purpose of becoming an example and making others suffer, of getting more soldiers killed. You want to protest? Do so by WRITING TO YOUR SENATOR. Do so in PRIVATE. Don't stand outside and scream how evil it is to fight this war. It demoralizes the troops. A demoralized troop is more likely to get killed. And if you know that, and you continue to scream how evil he is... you are SCUM. That soldier signed up to PROTECT YOU. Support him.

And don't point to every soldier who dies or is injured as a reason the war should not have been fought. I BELIEVE in what we're doing. If I would have died over there, so be it. It was a cause I was willing TO DIE FOR. I told my mother if she EVER had done what Cindy Sheehan has done and WHORED MY DEATH OUT, I'd haunt her ass. I love my country and I respect my president. Cindy Sheehan has taken soldiers like me ((This HAS been proven, don't fucking say it hasn't)) who have died in duty, and used them to further her agenda. Families have told her not to use their son or daughter's name in her speeches, and Cindy's followers have VERBALLY ASSAULTED THEM. One mother's reasoning was that her son beleived in the war, and that he wouldn't have wanted his death to hurt his fellow soldiers, to hurt the cause. She was told she was a Bush-lover, and that she was scum for sending her son to fight in an unjust war, and that she loved Bush more than her own son, because she wasn't allowing Cindy to 'honor him'. When you 'honor' someone, you also honor their beleifs. Cindy was doing no such thing. She was USING him and his inabilty to stand up for himself to fight against his beleifs. Just because you die for a cause does not make that cause wrong. If it did, every soldier who died in WWII was for absolutely no reason.

And guess what? What REALLY got us into WWII? Pearl Harbor. What got us into this war on terror? 9-11. Think about that. Think about that long and hard before you say how wrong we are. Terrorism isn't a country, it's an idea. An idea that you can't just bomb and call it a day. It has to be hunted down, and destroyed with precision. Otherwise, like a hydra, it'll just grow back, even worse now, because you think you've beaten it. This is going to take a very, very, long time. I'm going to sign up again, when my term is done. Not because I want the money. Not because I like war. Not even because I like army life. But because... I have to. I need to. I can't sit by idly and do nothing, I can't say 'good job, soldier' as a civilian. Not while I can do something.

Before I sign off, I want you to see some of the things I've seen, before I went to war, during, and since I've been home.


I am a soldier. I am not hardcore. I'm not some beefy blood-crazed psycho. I'm twenty-one years old, nineteen when I went to Iraq. I was scared out of my mind over there. This is not a political war. Not everyone over there is a terrorist. Many of them are good people, glad for our help, even if they don't really understand why we're willing to GIVE that help. I beleive in what I was doing. Nonetheless, I'm glad to be home.

Thank you for reading.